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(3. Januar 1829 – 1. August 1911) Er setzte sich sein Leben lang für die Vereinheitlichung der deutschen Rechtschreibung ein. Kostenloses Online Wörterbuch Deutsch / Englisch

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...remarkable transformation had come over him in a few seconds. He had no good-humour in his face, nor any openness of aspect left, but had become a secret, angry, dangerous man. "It is very high; it is a little difficult. Better to begin slowly." ...

Anblick (m)
Aspekt (m)
Perspektive (f)
Seite (f)
aspect ratio

Punktraster (n)

...reconstruction was still a riddle, that no effectual rearrangement was possible until this riddle in all its tangled aspects was solved. 'I tried to talk to those discontented men,' he wrote, 'but it was hard for them to see things as I saw them. ...

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